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About The Executives

Milana Krajisnik, Club President

Milana is the president of the club. She is going into her second year of honours science.

Simonida Gnjatic, Club Co-President

Simonida is one of the co-presidents of the club. She is entering her third year in Honours Science. She works very closely with Milana to make sure everything runs smoothly, taking over some roles of the president if needed. A few fun facts about her: Her father is from Bijeljina, Bosnia and her mother is from Gornji Milanovac, Serbia. On her spare time she likes to travel, play scrabble and eat pasta!

Marijana Svrdlin, Club Co-President

Marijana is the other co-president of the club. She works very closely with Simonida and Milana on club matters. Marijana is currently entering her second year into Honours Biochemistry. She will also be helping the AIESEC International Organization where anyone interested in a global volunteer/work experience can find great opportunities right in Serbia for the Winter/Spring.

Lana Boskovic, Secretary

The Secretary ensures that:

Savo Krajisnik, Treasurer

The Treasurer ensures that:

Jovan Lisulov, Event Planner

Jovan is one of the few event planners in the club. He is in charge of:

Jovana Zubic, Event Planner

Jovana works along with Jovan to organize events that will be hosted by the UWSSA. She is in her second year of Kinesiology.

Neda Jovanovic, Event Planner

Neda works with the other two event planners with UWSSA event planning. She is also in her second year of Kinesiology.

Olivera Kralj, Marketing

Olivera is the head of marketing for the club. She is in charge of:

Olivera Kralj is a third year Life Physics co-op student specializing in medical physics and minoring in biology. She was born and raised Canadian with Serbian parents from Belgrade and is eager to help build and grow the UW Serbian student community. When she's not huddled in the library studying, she likes to spend her spare time drawing/painting, petting dogs and working out at the gym. She's always happy to meet new people so feel free to give her a wave if you see her on campus!

Ilija Milisav, Lead Web Developer

Ilija is the lead developer of this site. He is responsible for:

He is currently studying Computer Science at Laurier. If he's not busy with school or coding, he loves to go jogging, hang out with his friends and read.